-Broken Bone’s

Dec. 18th, 2015 – Alone


I can say  is that, dealing with a broken bone that shown me that, people get tired of dealing with someone go though hard times. I mean like, I was a roller coaster for me. I went though so much and still am. This could be a good for a post but anyway. I hope, someone read’s this.

  (P.s.- The photo is my brake)

I will be honest. My wife has gotten sick of me talking about my leg but, its hard for me cus, I went though so many pains like.

  1. Main Break
  2. putting the Temp cast on (That was hell)
  3. Swelling
  4. Falling while walking with crutches
  5. dealing with dry skin under my temp cast
  6. dealing with hot flashes at night
  7. leg and foot get cold
  8. walking making it hurt more
  9. putting shoes on
  10. Just standing (Yup, that hurts too)


I also, I found out that, when i walked with crutches or the wheelchair that, most people dont even see you. I have walked to the door and they dont even, look. I can’t open the door. I have to wait for someone to open the door or they see me like 10 sec later. Still sucks even, they see you later cus, if makes you feel like crap. I hope, this blog helps who ever going though the same. Send me a message or a comment if you need someone to chat with.