-PTTD Post

Dec.  21, 2015 – Sleeping 


   I am not sure if this is by pttd or my now weak used to broken ankle with the rod.  I can’t sleep without a pillow under my foot and leg  I mean, I wake up feeling more stiff and I limp more.  That sucks 


Dec. 18th, 2015 – First Post

This is my first post talking about me being with my Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction or as PTTD. I just found out that, i had this but, all I knew before, I found out about me having PTTD that, I thought it was something wrong with my leg and foot. I also thought, my foot was still broken. I mean, dealing with all this is hell. I only meant one person, who dealt with PTTD. I only changed with her for like little while. I wish, I could have chated with her longer so, I dont feel alone about this.

I would hope, I found some follower’s who would like to read my blog.