Ankle pain

I know I haven’t written for a while. Past few days my ankle and knee has been hurting. Don’t know what’s making it hurt. Maybe walking to much.  😞

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Ankle pain

I know I haven’t written for a while. Past few days my ankle and knee has been hurting. Don’t know what’s making it hurt. Maybe walking to much.  😞

Oct. 3rd, 2016 (Day- 700)

Oct. 3rd, 2016 (Day- 700)

-Ok, I had to walk to shoppers and back but on the way home, after we stopped at Royle Farms. My body started acting up. Not my foot but my hip, foot, knee.

The whole works. Man this sucks. It’s been all day and still hurts when I move my knee. I don’t know sigh.

7/28/2016 Day- 632

Day- 632


I have been doing a lot of walking for a week now. I am glad that, I can get some kind of rest.  Not, like I can get rest from having pain. I having a lot of pain today. I getting sick of it.

Its raining outside and it made my leg/foot hurt more. It almost reminded of me of winter. Thats was a pain. I have to wear socks so, my feet dont have the ice cold feeling. Its doing little help. I haven’t taken any pain pills but, i am going to after, I write this post. There not much for me to say, I am going to try to do some PT later today so, I can get my self back into doing some workout.

If anything else Happens I will keep yall posted

7/9/16 Day- 599

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  ~Whole Foods~


I have been not feeling ok for couple days. I best to sat is that, I am depressed but its more a mixed episode. Its more depression. Anyway, I took a walk with my Son to Whole foods. Its was a nice walk. Wife sent me to get few things and it was hot out. We went to starbucks to get a cup of water. It tasted good. I not sure if, it was cus, we were thirsty or it did taste good.

My leg been hurting and Its like its always some kind of pain and I hate that, I am always in some kind of pain. I need to find a foot doctor so, I can better. I also should start to do some PT but, its so hard to do it all by my self and this is hard for me to deal with. I mean, i feel all alone with this. I want someone to be here to go through this but, i am mostly me. I hate it. Sigh. I walked today like, almost 3 miles.


(5-13-16) Day- 556

Day – 556
I did a lot of work and doing one thing can set me back for hours. I took the trash to the dumpster and it took a while you can see here.



Trying my best to do more when, my body, doesn’t want too. It can change really fast from when, I went to bed to when, I wake up. It could be when, I go out for a 5 min walk and I come back, have a 20 min break. I would be limping. Its hard to deal with and keep going when, I really need someone here to help me, push me, go though this with me. I have a hared time getting my self do my work outs when, just walking is bad by it self. Sigh


Dishes and Stuff

This is my first post that won’t be talking about how my day went but other than writing stuff that, I deal with and I think about. This is just talking about me just doing dishes thought my 1 year and 3 month of pain and hard time.

I mostly want to reach out to people who going though this or been though that, y’all are not alone and other’s out there understand. I may be one person but, I would like to be used to help someone who feel all alone or lost.


After, I got my leg broken from being hit fro the SUV and than, getting the rod in. I most was on bed rest. It sucked like, hell and I felt so many things from (bad husband that I could’ve get up help my wife), restless from being in bed all day. Bed resting is no fun at all.

I couldn’t help but, sit there when, I got little better, I crawled to the kitchen like, a crab but going backwards. That was a workout it self. Pulling your self when, you holding you leg up or not using it so, you other legs and mostly your arms doing th work. It’s hurts. At times, I would have too just lay there and rest from crawling. Like, felt like I did 200 push ups.

Anyway, I have to do the dishes in the wheelchair and push myself up with my hands and do something for 30 sec and sit than go back up. I would be so tired from doing it that, I would need to sleep and it would take me a while to do it. (SIGHT)


I have gotten better but, I would have needed to us the crutches but, I can do so much work or standing. It’s hell and I resent standing out doing any work that gets me to stand.


now I can do so much , I still deal with poison but, it mostly goes by how. Much work that I co. Most ly pttd gets in the way.