7/28/2016 Day- 632

Day- 632


I have been doing a lot of walking for a week now. I am glad that, I can get some kind of rest.  Not, like I can get rest from having pain. I having a lot of pain today. I getting sick of it.

Its raining outside and it made my leg/foot hurt more. It almost reminded of me of winter. Thats was a pain. I have to wear socks so, my feet dont have the ice cold feeling. Its doing little help. I haven’t taken any pain pills but, i am going to after, I write this post. There not much for me to say, I am going to try to do some PT later today so, I can get my self back into doing some workout.

If anything else Happens I will keep yall posted

6/6/2016 Day- 580

Day- 580


I had a busy day. I went out to help my wife. I took the bus to Bank of America and I had to wait a while for the bus to show up. Anyway, When I got back. I only had for few mins like, 20 mins. My doughtier grandmother sent a box for her birthday and had some money for her.

She wanted to go out and get a Build-A-Bear.

build a bear










In the making

Happy birthday girl









      At the time that, we left the store. I was like limping badly and I didn’t want to make her birthday trip bad. I just pressed on. My amazing wife, saw it and wanted to go home but, we stayed little bit more.

   She got few things to eat but, they walked and I limped around the mall. I didn’t bring my cane.  So, I had to suffer for little bit. Took the bus home and when, i got home, I rested and iced up my foot.

   While i was limping around. I was depressed  cus, how slow and how i am suck no fun when, i am like this. I feel like a bothersome.

December 12th, 2015 (Day- 403)

On the 12 of December- Woke up not feeling to good. My leg hurt bad like tight or swollen but, not sure. It could been both.  I got up later than, i mostly days. I got up around 10am. I mostly get up around 6am and its hell for me. when the child goes to school, I go back to sleep. Its sucks that, i get tired a lot and easy.

We went out with my father today but, wife had to get some blood drawn but, it went fast.

After that, we went some where to eat and I behonest. I see, that i am some what still depressed cus, I really dont want to eat. When, i doo I get ful fast. I mostly eat my candy bars up but, I still got my first one this month. I mean, I was deeper then this but, I see that, i am still sad. This sucks.

I still really do my work outs cus, I feel so, not in the mood.


i know it’s sad.

I am ashamed


We went out for bit cus, wife had to do get something done. After that, we went to panera bread. I got my bread bowl.

” I Loved It”

Wife and I shared some salad. it was nice.


We had to go to her doctor appointment and waited again in the waiting room. Our Daughter fell sleep on the couch. I never could understand how she can sleep like that, our oldest can do that too. I wont be able too stand the hot air from me breathing on my face.

Thats it……..

December 6 st, 2015 ( Day -397)

On the 6 st of December-

I had few pain here and there. I can’t use my cane cus, I dont have the rubber bottom for it. I just used it few days go. I did wear my ankle brace and it did he;p cus, I know that, I will be so much more pain than, I was today.

“Thank God and The Doctor”

When I went out with my dad to get few things. I had a limp that, later on that seem to get worse when, i do walk more with out my cane. (Sight), I just dont know. I had a nice day while out and even, it hurt little, it was worth it.

I remember when, I couldn’t walk even, mile cus, when i did walk to Mc d’s that was only 1/2 mile away but, on the way home, I couldn’t walk so, when I was walking home, I just wanted to be home in bed.

Just like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, at the end when she said, “There’s no place like Home”



I am still depressed and it hard to change. I hate a lot thing about me still and I having hard time change my body weight. I am working on it but, Its hard to fight the need to eat so, I can feel better and also when, do something or anything but, mostly walking, I crave carbs. I have gained a lot of weight like 40lbs. Sights. ( Crying in the inside)


November 28th- Thoughts

This is my first time doing this.


I always have a hard time expressing my feeling. Please be some what understanding.

of your reading this that means you been though this. I am sorry that you are or have been dealing with this.

A broken bone is not a small thing.

I have dealt with:


  •  1 Compound fracture
  • 2 hairline Fractures


  • Crack in Medial Cuneiform Bone
  • Break in my metatarsals (2nd toe)

November 25th, 2015 (Day – 368)

On the 25th of November-

6:43Am- woke up feeling like crap. I mean like wow. I hate waking up feeling at stiff and achy. I mean I wobble where I want to go and at times, I lean too much on my side that I almost fall over.


no one talks about this when they talk about being hit by a car but only about being hit by, saying you could have died.

I still remember being like this when the SUV hit me.


I don’t have much to say but, today was another hard day. I sat down and enjoyed the sun for few min’s after I got my daughter from her bus.