Day 1100- A lot of Ankle Pain

Ok, I  know that, I haven’t been here in weeks and keeping track of what, I am going though badly. I just don’t have the mood to write. Anyway. I am dealing with something new. Plantar Fasciitis. Man this hurts. It slowed me down way more than I was before. I have to lean on more of my left leg and It doesn’t like it.

Right now, I have it in shoes and it hurts badly. Like needles and burns.


Day- 1078

Morning- ok I took a rest from walking but I did do some housework but, I am walking Paul to school with my wife. That going to be little more than a 2 miles and than we are walking back home. I would be walking around 4 miles. I will let you know how it goes. 

Anyway, I am goso my tk be walking for couple days and I know my new foot injury on my right foot is going  j hate me. I am dealing with Plantar Fasciitis. Man. Is hurts
10:14Pm- ok, I was mostly been on the couch until my wife came home around 6, I cooked some sweet potatoes 🍠 and I was standing for couple hours. Now my left leg is bit swollen and dealing with some nerve pain as in tingling feeling down my foot. My right foot is having sharp pain on my heal on the out side of the foot. I hate this. I’m doing to sleep. 

(Dec. 10th, 2016) Day – 767

I am dealing with a lot of pain right now. I don’t know what the reason. It could be the screws or how missed up my leg and foot is. I can’t see a PT to help it but I got to do my Pt all by my self. That’s is very hard for me to do it. I having a hard time wanting to write cus, I am dealing with depression. I am hope get that fixed soon when, I see my PDOC. I also, dealing with a lot of weakness in my leg. Sigh

7/28/2016 Day- 632

Day- 632


I have been doing a lot of walking for a week now. I am glad that, I can get some kind of rest.  Not, like I can get rest from having pain. I having a lot of pain today. I getting sick of it.

Its raining outside and it made my leg/foot hurt more. It almost reminded of me of winter. Thats was a pain. I have to wear socks so, my feet dont have the ice cold feeling. Its doing little help. I haven’t taken any pain pills but, i am going to after, I write this post. There not much for me to say, I am going to try to do some PT later today so, I can get my self back into doing some workout.

If anything else Happens I will keep yall posted

-Shoes From Hell

       Dealing with this foot/ankle injury that stops you from doing Mach anything that, would be easy for anyone without one. 
   Just think about it, I can’t jump and dance, stand on my toes without think about how it will affect my leg/foot. 

  I am consent in fear of pain that it will make me feel in the end. I feel pain even, just walking. 

    Converse is on the worst shoes to ever wear when you go though that I am going though. 

  I do feel by lonely about going though this. Sigh.