Ankle pain

I know I haven’t written for a while. Past few days my ankle and knee has been hurting. Don’t know what’s making it hurt. Maybe walking to much.  😞


7/28/2016 Day- 632

Day- 632


I have been doing a lot of walking for a week now. I am glad that, I can get some kind of rest.  Not, like I can get rest from having pain. I having a lot of pain today. I getting sick of it.

Its raining outside and it made my leg/foot hurt more. It almost reminded of me of winter. Thats was a pain. I have to wear socks so, my feet dont have the ice cold feeling. Its doing little help. I haven’t taken any pain pills but, i am going to after, I write this post. There not much for me to say, I am going to try to do some PT later today so, I can get my self back into doing some workout.

If anything else Happens I will keep yall posted

7/9/16 Day- 599

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  ~Whole Foods~


I have been not feeling ok for couple days. I best to sat is that, I am depressed but its more a mixed episode. Its more depression. Anyway, I took a walk with my Son to Whole foods. Its was a nice walk. Wife sent me to get few things and it was hot out. We went to starbucks to get a cup of water. It tasted good. I not sure if, it was cus, we were thirsty or it did taste good.

My leg been hurting and Its like its always some kind of pain and I hate that, I am always in some kind of pain. I need to find a foot doctor so, I can better. I also should start to do some PT but, its so hard to do it all by my self and this is hard for me to deal with. I mean, i feel all alone with this. I want someone to be here to go through this but, i am mostly me. I hate it. Sigh. I walked today like, almost 3 miles.


6/6/2016 Day- 580

Day- 580


I had a busy day. I went out to help my wife. I took the bus to Bank of America and I had to wait a while for the bus to show up. Anyway, When I got back. I only had for few mins like, 20 mins. My doughtier grandmother sent a box for her birthday and had some money for her.

She wanted to go out and get a Build-A-Bear.

build a bear










In the making

Happy birthday girl









      At the time that, we left the store. I was like limping badly and I didn’t want to make her birthday trip bad. I just pressed on. My amazing wife, saw it and wanted to go home but, we stayed little bit more.

   She got few things to eat but, they walked and I limped around the mall. I didn’t bring my cane.  So, I had to suffer for little bit. Took the bus home and when, i got home, I rested and iced up my foot.

   While i was limping around. I was depressed  cus, how slow and how i am suck no fun when, i am like this. I feel like a bothersome.

5/25/16 Day- 568

Day- 568

Ok, I am going to keep this short.

I am having a hard time lately wanting to write. I dont know why but, I am working on it. Today, I can say is that the weather was nice and sunny. I did a lot of walking yesterday. I should write a post about that so, I can put that down and work on my delaid post that, I have keeping from doing.

****About Today***

I sleeped long today. I sleeped till, 1:20pm. I needed that more sleep. I was so worn out from yesterday. Went to a lot of places. Anyway.

I went down Mount Washington-Balitmore to where they have a new Pharmacy called,The Pharmacia @ Mt. Washington Mill in Mt. Washington Mill Business center. Theyt have good places here and I already love this new Pharmacy. 🙂

I had to stay there for like 30 mins. cus, I had to move all my daughter’s med’s to here from Rite Aid. Than I went back home and took a rest cus, My foot hurt.


(5-13-16) Day- 556

Day – 556
I did a lot of work and doing one thing can set me back for hours. I took the trash to the dumpster and it took a while you can see here.



Trying my best to do more when, my body, doesn’t want too. It can change really fast from when, I went to bed to when, I wake up. It could be when, I go out for a 5 min walk and I come back, have a 20 min break. I would be limping. Its hard to deal with and keep going when, I really need someone here to help me, push me, go though this with me. I have a hared time getting my self do my work outs when, just walking is bad by it self. Sigh


March 8th, 2016 (Day- 490)

On the 8th of March- Today, I went out while the wife and daughter went there own way. I was home for an hour before, I had to leave. So, I watched bones and did some household work, Dishes and Stuff (I am going to write a post about the hell, I go though just doing dishes) That was Hell.

So, I left for the but around 9:58 this morning cus, I was trying to catch the bus before, it left. It was to be there at 10:12Am and it did show up but, little early.  I didn’t have much to go cus, I just need to take this bus for a 11 mins.

When, I got there, I just needed to walk for few mins and I was there and I didn’t have to wait long. I say mostly 10 mins and he came out and got in. He asked me things about my past. I did have a hard time understanding him cus, the way he speaks. Anyway, I was done like in 20 mins and I was out heading back home.

I needed to stop at my Daughter school to change the address. I couldn’t take a bus there and I had to stop somewhere close by and walk the rest. I dont know how long it was but, it was like 1 male each way and It was very nice out. I am glad that, I went and I walked back and stop at a store than, on my way home.

I didn’t have to wait long for the bus but, this time was bit little bit more longer. The bus showed up little late. I ate when they do that. I got home and my Princess showed up and gave me a good big hug. I sat down and put my feet up cus, i know. it was going to swell from all that walking. Wife did make me some food and I love her for doing that.

I had some pain in my ankle today and my foot. Its always there and man it wont go away. SMH. Also, dealing with knee pain that hurt like hell. Don’t get to do your leg workouts cus, trust me your legs will let you know and you would pay for it.  After, i did few work out and made my knee pop like 100 times (LOL) It felt better. Thanks goodness.