My Plantar fasciitis – 1140 days

          I have been dealing with this for couple months now and its getting better but, I have when i have to walk on my toe’s so, i dont get the sharp burning pain in my foot and heel.

I have to wear a pair of shoes all day but i do need some rest.


Ankle pain

I know I haven’t written for a while. Past few days my ankle and knee has been hurting. Don’t know what’s making it hurt. Maybe walking to much.  😞

7/28/2016 Day- 632

Day- 632


I have been doing a lot of walking for a week now. I am glad that, I can get some kind of rest.  Not, like I can get rest from having pain. I having a lot of pain today. I getting sick of it.

Its raining outside and it made my leg/foot hurt more. It almost reminded of me of winter. Thats was a pain. I have to wear socks so, my feet dont have the ice cold feeling. Its doing little help. I haven’t taken any pain pills but, i am going to after, I write this post. There not much for me to say, I am going to try to do some PT later today so, I can get my self back into doing some workout.

If anything else Happens I will keep yall posted

7/9/16 Day- 599

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Thank You


  ~Whole Foods~


I have been not feeling ok for couple days. I best to sat is that, I am depressed but its more a mixed episode. Its more depression. Anyway, I took a walk with my Son to Whole foods. Its was a nice walk. Wife sent me to get few things and it was hot out. We went to starbucks to get a cup of water. It tasted good. I not sure if, it was cus, we were thirsty or it did taste good.

My leg been hurting and Its like its always some kind of pain and I hate that, I am always in some kind of pain. I need to find a foot doctor so, I can better. I also should start to do some PT but, its so hard to do it all by my self and this is hard for me to deal with. I mean, i feel all alone with this. I want someone to be here to go through this but, i am mostly me. I hate it. Sigh. I walked today like, almost 3 miles.


6/6/2016 Day- 580

Day- 580


I had a busy day. I went out to help my wife. I took the bus to Bank of America and I had to wait a while for the bus to show up. Anyway, When I got back. I only had for few mins like, 20 mins. My doughtier grandmother sent a box for her birthday and had some money for her.

She wanted to go out and get a Build-A-Bear.

build a bear










In the making

Happy birthday girl









      At the time that, we left the store. I was like limping badly and I didn’t want to make her birthday trip bad. I just pressed on. My amazing wife, saw it and wanted to go home but, we stayed little bit more.

   She got few things to eat but, they walked and I limped around the mall. I didn’t bring my cane.  So, I had to suffer for little bit. Took the bus home and when, i got home, I rested and iced up my foot.

   While i was limping around. I was depressed  cus, how slow and how i am suck no fun when, i am like this. I feel like a bothersome.

5/25/16 Day- 568

Day- 568

Ok, I am going to keep this short.

I am having a hard time lately wanting to write. I dont know why but, I am working on it. Today, I can say is that the weather was nice and sunny. I did a lot of walking yesterday. I should write a post about that so, I can put that down and work on my delaid post that, I have keeping from doing.

****About Today***

I sleeped long today. I sleeped till, 1:20pm. I needed that more sleep. I was so worn out from yesterday. Went to a lot of places. Anyway.

I went down Mount Washington-Balitmore to where they have a new Pharmacy called,The Pharmacia @ Mt. Washington Mill in Mt. Washington Mill Business center. Theyt have good places here and I already love this new Pharmacy. 🙂

I had to stay there for like 30 mins. cus, I had to move all my daughter’s med’s to here from Rite Aid. Than I went back home and took a rest cus, My foot hurt.


(5-13-16) Day- 556

Day – 556
I did a lot of work and doing one thing can set me back for hours. I took the trash to the dumpster and it took a while you can see here.



Trying my best to do more when, my body, doesn’t want too. It can change really fast from when, I went to bed to when, I wake up. It could be when, I go out for a 5 min walk and I come back, have a 20 min break. I would be limping. Its hard to deal with and keep going when, I really need someone here to help me, push me, go though this with me. I have a hared time getting my self do my work outs when, just walking is bad by it self. Sigh