972 – Days ( Cleaning and Pain )

Today, I know that i haven’t writen in here. I am sorry for not keep the updated. So, today, I cleaned the kitchen floor by mopping it and laying down down so I can scrub the floor to get the hard stuff but, When I am almost done mopping. I felt sharp pain in my knee. I believe its the screw or something. I have been dealing with pain for a while not. I get into that in another post.


(Dec. 10th, 2016) Day – 767

I am dealing with a lot of pain right now. I don’t know what the reason. It could be the screws or how missed up my leg and foot is. I can’t see a PT to help it but I got to do my Pt all by my self. That’s is very hard for me to do it. I having a hard time wanting to write cus, I am dealing with depression. I am hope get that fixed soon when, I see my PDOC. I also, dealing with a lot of weakness in my leg. Sigh

7/9/16 Day- 599

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  ~Whole Foods~


I have been not feeling ok for couple days. I best to sat is that, I am depressed but its more a mixed episode. Its more depression. Anyway, I took a walk with my Son to Whole foods. Its was a nice walk. Wife sent me to get few things and it was hot out. We went to starbucks to get a cup of water. It tasted good. I not sure if, it was cus, we were thirsty or it did taste good.

My leg been hurting and Its like its always some kind of pain and I hate that, I am always in some kind of pain. I need to find a foot doctor so, I can better. I also should start to do some PT but, its so hard to do it all by my self and this is hard for me to deal with. I mean, i feel all alone with this. I want someone to be here to go through this but, i am mostly me. I hate it. Sigh. I walked today like, almost 3 miles.


6/6/2016 Day- 580

Day- 580


I had a busy day. I went out to help my wife. I took the bus to Bank of America and I had to wait a while for the bus to show up. Anyway, When I got back. I only had for few mins like, 20 mins. My doughtier grandmother sent a box for her birthday and had some money for her.

She wanted to go out and get a Build-A-Bear.

build a bear










In the making

Happy birthday girl









      At the time that, we left the store. I was like limping badly and I didn’t want to make her birthday trip bad. I just pressed on. My amazing wife, saw it and wanted to go home but, we stayed little bit more.

   She got few things to eat but, they walked and I limped around the mall. I didn’t bring my cane.  So, I had to suffer for little bit. Took the bus home and when, i got home, I rested and iced up my foot.

   While i was limping around. I was depressed  cus, how slow and how i am suck no fun when, i am like this. I feel like a bothersome.

February 26th, 2016 (Day- 480)

On the 26th of Feb.- well, I got up later today around 9 0’clock. I did go to bed late cus, I was doing some house work before I go to bed.

Anyway, for the past 6 day that I haven’t been writing. I have like lost all passion to write here. It’s like, I write not so good and seeing people don’t read it makes hard for me to write. I know I use this to track what I go though but, it’s depressing when you see (no comments and hardly any likes, followers) 

I want to make changes in myself, I want to have a look and be happy how, look. Hard when you see your self fat and ugly. I want to have this kind of body. I hate being around 230lbs and that’s what I was last time I weight my self. Now I could be bigger. (Sight) 


  • The kind of body I want to have


Anyway, I been doing more foot lifts. I started day before yesterday. I did 100 on the 25th and didn’t yesterday and only 50 today. I need to crack on t. I also noticing I am gaining muscle or swelling on the front of my leg. You can see.

I am also dealing some pain in my ankle, behind my ankle bone. Don’t know why and also pain on my Achilles’ tendon. Could be too much working out and hurting it or soar from paining muscle.

That’s all I can writing right now.

February 20th, 2016 (Day- 474)


On the 20th of Feb.- 

I got early this morning, (Yep, 7Am) Gosh, i hate getting up eaily in the morning. I just like just once for me to get up when, I want too not when, alarms or when, the kids get up. Its would be nice to be able to sleep just, when my body says so. I say to my self that, I haven’t gotten much sleep as, I need.

30 Day Sleep Track

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We walked to shopper’s and that was like 2 miles there. We went shopping but, cus we weren’t walking home but, talking a cab. I walked around with a cart so, I thought, I could do some walking. I mostly ride the scooter cus, i need the rest walking home. I know that walking a lot is too much.

Something happened and we needed to walk home. (SMH) Well, walking home, and I was pulling the black box that we use to bring stuff back from shopping but, ised my cane. That hurt me in the end. Anyway, we walked another 2 miles home.

We had to go some where later too.


We had lunch and than went out and walking where wife had to go. that was like an mile. 

I walked with kids to whole foods and see if they had what my wife wanted. Took some nice photos. 


February 10th, 2016 (Day-463)

On the 10th of February- This is going to be a short post. Anyway, I been lacking in my keg works. I did a some today. It was all inside the house. Even, i do it inside. I just feel like, I am not really working out cus, I dont get the very tired and pain feeling from when, i go to PT.

I just dont understand it. I i’m just not pushing my self hard for me to get that but, I just dont know but anyway. When, I finish with the workouts I did. My ankle had like a spider black and blue.