5/25/16 Day- 568

Day- 568

Ok, I am going to keep this short.

I am having a hard time lately wanting to write. I dont know why but, I am working on it. Today, I can say is that the weather was nice and sunny. I did a lot of walking yesterday. I should write a post about that so, I can put that down and work on my delaid post that, I have keeping from doing.

****About Today***

I sleeped long today. I sleeped till, 1:20pm. I needed that more sleep. I was so worn out from yesterday. Went to a lot of places. Anyway.

I went down Mount Washington-Balitmore to where they have a new Pharmacy called,The Pharmacia @ Mt. Washington Mill in Mt. Washington Mill Business center. Theyt have good places here and I already love this new Pharmacy. 🙂

I had to stay there for like 30 mins. cus, I had to move all my daughter’s med’s to here from Rite Aid. Than I went back home and took a rest cus, My foot hurt.



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