Dishes and Stuff

This is my first post that won’t be talking about how my day went but other than writing stuff that, I deal with and I think about. This is just talking about me just doing dishes thought my 1 year and 3 month of pain and hard time.

I mostly want to reach out to people who going though this or been though that, y’all are not alone and other’s out there understand. I may be one person but, I would like to be used to help someone who feel all alone or lost.


After, I got my leg broken from being hit fro the SUV and than, getting the rod in. I most was on bed rest. It sucked like, hell and I felt so many things from (bad husband that I could’ve get up help my wife), restless from being in bed all day. Bed resting is no fun at all.

I couldn’t help but, sit there when, I got little better, I crawled to the kitchen like, a crab but going backwards. That was a workout it self. Pulling your self when, you holding you leg up or not using it so, you other legs and mostly your arms doing th work. It’s hurts. At times, I would have too just lay there and rest from crawling. Like, felt like I did 200 push ups.

Anyway, I have to do the dishes in the wheelchair and push myself up with my hands and do something for 30 sec and sit than go back up. I would be so tired from doing it that, I would need to sleep and it would take me a while to do it. (SIGHT)


I have gotten better but, I would have needed to us the crutches but, I can do so much work or standing. It’s hell and I resent standing out doing any work that gets me to stand.


now I can do so much , I still deal with poison but, it mostly goes by how. Much work that I co. Most ly pttd gets in the way.


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