March 8th, 2016 (Day- 490)

On the 8th of March- Today, I went out while the wife and daughter went there own way. I was home for an hour before, I had to leave. So, I watched bones and did some household work, Dishes and Stuff (I am going to write a post about the hell, I go though just doing dishes) That was Hell.

So, I left for the but around 9:58 this morning cus, I was trying to catch the bus before, it left. It was to be there at 10:12Am and it did show up but, little early.  I didn’t have much to go cus, I just need to take this bus for a 11 mins.

When, I got there, I just needed to walk for few mins and I was there and I didn’t have to wait long. I say mostly 10 mins and he came out and got in. He asked me things about my past. I did have a hard time understanding him cus, the way he speaks. Anyway, I was done like in 20 mins and I was out heading back home.

I needed to stop at my Daughter school to change the address. I couldn’t take a bus there and I had to stop somewhere close by and walk the rest. I dont know how long it was but, it was like 1 male each way and It was very nice out. I am glad that, I went and I walked back and stop at a store than, on my way home.

I didn’t have to wait long for the bus but, this time was bit little bit more longer. The bus showed up little late. I ate when they do that. I got home and my Princess showed up and gave me a good big hug. I sat down and put my feet up cus, i know. it was going to swell from all that walking. Wife did make me some food and I love her for doing that.

I had some pain in my ankle today and my foot. Its always there and man it wont go away. SMH. Also, dealing with knee pain that hurt like hell. Don’t get to do your leg workouts cus, trust me your legs will let you know and you would pay for it.  After, i did few work out and made my knee pop like 100 times (LOL) It felt better. Thanks goodness.


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