March 4th, 2016 (Day-486)

On the 4th of March- I can’t say much today is that, I been lazy for the past few days. I did a lot of walking 5 days ago and in 2 day straight. Its snowed today but, melted away. I am glad but, 5 days ago it was so nice out that, it was 60s out but, today it was like in the 40s.

I didn’t do much cus of how my ankle is acting. I mean, only you would understand if you dealt with Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. I need to set up a excersis plan for me cus, I get no help from anyone but, I get help from my brother and my doughtier at times. It’s hard for me cus I have a bad balance. It really sucks.

Like if you be sitting down watching a movie with someone who you love with and you get up to do something. Yiu lean more to the other side so, you fight it so you wobble one side to the other but, you still lean more in the weaker side that you dealing with. I have so many stories about that, some are funny. I will post it on another post. I do someone reads these. Sight.


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