February 26th, 2016 (Day- 480)

On the 26th of Feb.- well, I got up later today around 9 0’clock. I did go to bed late cus, I was doing some house work before I go to bed.

Anyway, for the past 6 day that I haven’t been writing. I have like lost all passion to write here. It’s like, I write not so good and seeing people don’t read it makes hard for me to write. I know I use this to track what I go though but, it’s depressing when you see (no comments and hardly any likes, followers) 

I want to make changes in myself, I want to have a look and be happy how, look. Hard when you see your self fat and ugly. I want to have this kind of body. I hate being around 230lbs and that’s what I was last time I weight my self. Now I could be bigger. (Sight) 


  • The kind of body I want to have


Anyway, I been doing more foot lifts. I started day before yesterday. I did 100 on the 25th and didn’t yesterday and only 50 today. I need to crack on t. I also noticing I am gaining muscle or swelling on the front of my leg. You can see.

I am also dealing some pain in my ankle, behind my ankle bone. Don’t know why and also pain on my Achilles’ tendon. Could be too much working out and hurting it or soar from paining muscle.

That’s all I can writing right now.


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