January 30th, 2016 (Day – 452)

On the 30th of January- 

Ok, today was better then last few days. I went out and did my workout at the gym with my son. My wife and daughter stayed at home. I took him with me so, he could burn up some his energy cus, he gets wild if, he doesn’t and than, I get snappy. lolol.

Later- The family went to sleep and i stayed up. I did house work. I did the dishes and cleaned up the freezer and fridge. I made a whole lot more room in the freezer.

But Anyway…..

While, I was doing the dishes and even did them by hand. In 20 mins of watching the dishes, My back hit hurt from me standing. I hate that when, i become like that. I hate that, i cant do things, like i used too.

I wish, i had more help in what make’s things hurt or take over little or so. That would be very nice. I have a lot in my mind that, i want to get done. Like the bathrooms or living room, dinner area. I have so much to too that, just thinking about it is so stressful.



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