January 24th 2016 (Day -446)

On the 24th of January- 

Well, Today I been home mostly cuz of the blizzard and cold. It was better then it was yesterday. The kids went out playing, was snowing. 


  Today, I did little work out and went out today. It was sunny and saw a lot of people working on getting there cars out. While me and the kids taking the trash out. I took Paul with me cuz he needs to run around or so something during the day. (ADHD) child is hard to deal with at time and it have a lot of times. 


 I did some leg and foot work out today inside but I wasn’t feeling it cuz I didn’t feel the work out tiredness after it. SMH. 

***Taking A Bath*** 
I am not going to wrote nothing nasty so, no need to run. Lol lol 😄. 

   Everytime I take a bath and sitting there. When all this happened, I couldn’t do really anything for me. Taking a bath was hell for me. But when I had a tempary cast on. That was only 2 weeks. Rhat, felt like months to me. Hours was days and days was weeks. You get my drift. 
   When I took a bath, I couldn’t let me leg/foot in the tube and that was hell, hang my wounded up leg from dealing, from breaks and then, having a rod hammered in, with staples in. That’s a lot to deal with. 

  After, I got the staples taken out, I had to wait to for the staples spots to heal. That longer to heal. 

Anyway, when I was at the point where I could put my leg in the water and that felt so weird. Like, my mind saying (Hell no, don’t you dare). I did it anyway and felt like my mind way yelling at me for doing it. 
   I couldn’t even have my leg straight and pushing it straight hurt like hell. Pulling the muscles hurt like hell. Plus, I needed to keep it elevated so, I slide my self down to the end of the tube that I can push my leg up or lift it up when I didn’t want to go all the way up. 
Like this photo 
  Anyway again, when I was lifting my foot up, it was so weak that it was a shock of how much I couldn’t do. 😵. 

 Every time I did it.
I had flashes of being hit and feeling the car and felt my first break a lone and being the by the car alone. I mean, I was terrified and I still am. I hardly show it cus I don’t want to cry but, I should so, I can’t let the pain and fear out. I thought this would be a little thought. But, it seems long and I will also post it as a post for today. Forgive me. 


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