February 5th 2016 (Day- 458)


 On the 5th of February- I am so stressed of how my life is going to be from hearing the doctor telling me that, I am at my highest peck of healing. I am like Hell no. I am going to be better then this, I have to be. Also, when I told him about me seeing a lawyer, He like wanted to cut it short. Its like it not about him but, me being hit by the lady who wasn’t looking. I know she was on the phone cus than, she would have seen me. I was watching the other side cus, I saw the car’s from her end were at the stop light and not moving.

She dont know what, the hell she put me in. 

Not that, she broke my bone but, made me have PTTD. Its hell to deal with. It making thing so much harder for me. I mean, like I dont really want to walk or do heavy work like, even, carrying bag’s of food is hell for me and it may be only be, 10 LBS but it feels like 30 Lbs or more. Its makes me walk so much slower. I have to yearn to sleep more. The more I walk the more, I need to sleep. (Walking = ZZZZ) 

Anyway, about today. Me and wife went for a nice walk to our new apartment that, we be moving some time next month. I can’t wait to move but, I am so stressed over about, the packing and moving stuff there. even, its like 20 min walk to it but, its still stress me.

I mean, is that no one really understand you only if, you been though this broken bone and PTTD.

While, we were walking snow flakes came and we headed back home. I mean like I was so cold that, I could feel in my bone. It was only my left leg but, it was very cold and I got few things done like, put something in at the office.









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