February 23rd, 2016 (Day- 477)

On the 23rd of Feb.-  Got up early again to go out and it was raining out. We went to my daughter doctors appointment. Do, I had to walk to (mt washington pediatric hospital) It took us to get there like, 40mins. Wife, took another way cus, there was a hill that, I hate to go up on.


11:48Pm- I have to make this fast cus, I hate that, i am slow in writing my post. Right now, I am dealing with, very cold feet and I hate it. I know that wearing socks help but, it just a bother. Also, my calf hurts from all the walking from today and yeasterday. I hate walking at times cus, I need a rest and I just dont get it when, i need it. I need help getting better but, i feel alone with it. I wish, i had someone here with me everyday to push me and get me to where I want to go like, have stronger calf’s and get better balance, heal my PTTD. Maybe even, my foot. (I don’t know how!)


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