February 20th, 2016 (Day- 474)


On the 20th of Feb.- 

I got early this morning, (Yep, 7Am) Gosh, i hate getting up eaily in the morning. I just like just once for me to get up when, I want too not when, alarms or when, the kids get up. Its would be nice to be able to sleep just, when my body says so. I say to my self that, I haven’t gotten much sleep as, I need.

30 Day Sleep Track

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We walked to shopper’s and that was like 2 miles there. We went shopping but, cus we weren’t walking home but, talking a cab. I walked around with a cart so, I thought, I could do some walking. I mostly ride the scooter cus, i need the rest walking home. I know that walking a lot is too much.

Something happened and we needed to walk home. (SMH) Well, walking home, and I was pulling the black box that we use to bring stuff back from shopping but, ised my cane. That hurt me in the end. Anyway, we walked another 2 miles home.

We had to go some where later too.


We had lunch and than went out and walking where wife had to go. that was like an mile. 

I walked with kids to whole foods and see if they had what my wife wanted. Took some nice photos. 



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