January 2, 2016 ( Day – 424)

On the 2nd of January-

12:24Am- I am just here working on this blog so, I can get everything posted that, I am late with and My feet are like so cold that, i can feel a cool breeze going though them. I mean, like damn. I am under an blanket and the heats on up too 75*. I just don’t know what to do right now. I am not in the mood for socks.

3:04 Am- I just got out of the shower and damn, I had some knee pain. I took a shower this late cus I haven’t had a good shower since I was gone. I feel so refreshed but, damn that really hurt. I feel all alone with this.  I don’t know any one else’s who deals with Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction .

Later- I went out with dad. We went to lowes and than walmart. Got few things and worked on few things.


Looking for the pipe

Looking for the pipe


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