December, 21st 2015 (Days – 412) – Physical Therapy

On the 21at of December- 

I know I know, I have been. Slacking in my daily blog. I have had hard time writing down what’s going on and what I feel. Trying to write is like putting on a smile on a depressed person. Its only 28 mins in today and I can’t write much about it but, I have two doctors appointments today.

                  Doctors Appointments

  • Therapy @ 11:00Am
  • Physical therapy @ 1:30Pm

So, I have a very busy day today  walking to physical therapy is 2.5 miles and so, I would be walking there and back be like walking 5 miles

oh yea I forgot, I also be walking early in the morning after slaughter goes on the bus. That would also 4 more miles of walking.


                       (Too Much Walking)

At times, I feel my ankle swelling from all the walking.  Even my physical therapy says that’s too much walking.  He told me that my leg is very little muscle and can see the bone easy.  😓

This sucks

-3:44 Pm 

Just came from the physical therapy and I owe $40 cuz co-pay. This is so stressful.  Just finding a doctor that I need to go too and be able to go too.

This sucks.

I want to stay here cuz, I am tired of going different place. I did a lot of work there in a short time. It made my leg soar from the work out’s but,  Oh My God. My knee had it the worse cus, I have had sharp pain that lasted the whole time until, I went on the foot/ankle water compressor

Pt (2)



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