December 16th, 2015 (Day- 407) – Physical therapy (Missed)

On the 16th of December-

I will be writing for my two blogs with this post. BrokeAssCripple and MaddpolarM3.

I been depressed for a while now. This sucks. I been sleeping a lot and it’s the only place that I feel best or relaxed. I am so sick of feeling this pain or doing everything around the pain.

  1. Can’t walk a lot
  2. Can’t walk too hard
  3. Can’t have my foot down for too long
  4. Can’t carry heavy
  5. Can’t walk in rain (Can slip easy)
  6. Always very slow
    That’s only a few of thing’s that gets me sad or depressed. I hate that, I can’t do things, like I use to too. I went to my PT and I was 30 mins late. I was to be there at 1:15pm but, I showed up like 1:43Pm. I feel do stupid. I hate that, I am always forgetting. My mind is everywhere and I can’t think str8.
     I walked like 6 miles today and I was so much pain and I need to sleep to feel better. I had few hour’s sleep on the couch and It helped me feel better but, my leg didn’t feel too good still. That’s, all I can write right now.

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