December 14th, 2015 (Day -405) – Physical therapy 

On the 14 of December- 

Shopping– I got up early and took my daughter to the bus cus. I had to go to my physical therapy later today. I walked to shopper’s food that’s life is 2 miles away. My leg hurt but, I still did it. It took us like to get there like in 40 mins. I mostly use the scooter while wife was shopping.

Only people who have hard time walking or even standing understand how blessing to have those when you go out shopping. I get so pissed when I go out like Walmart and mostly fat or lazy women use them and they go out and get up walking. I am standing there in pain using my crutches.

“They hurt like hell.”  

We took a cab home and I am happy about that. I tried to Carry the heavy box while wife carried rest of the bags. She helped me with stairs.

Physical therapy- I walked there and this is my first time showing up and I was like 19 mins late cus I had to walk there. That was hell.

I had to walk to home and like, half way there, my foot got a sharp pain. it took me like, 40 or 45 mins. I had to push myself to keep doing when, my leg say’s, “STOP”

Later-   I went to my daughter winter concert. We went to our favorite pizza place that’s, only close by. I was bit slow tonight from all the walking but it was worth it.

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