December 12th, 2015 (Day- 403)

On the 12 of December- Woke up not feeling to good. My leg hurt bad like tight or swollen but, not sure. It could been both.  I got up later than, i mostly days. I got up around 10am. I mostly get up around 6am and its hell for me. when the child goes to school, I go back to sleep. Its sucks that, i get tired a lot and easy.

We went out with my father today but, wife had to get some blood drawn but, it went fast.

After that, we went some where to eat and I behonest. I see, that i am some what still depressed cus, I really dont want to eat. When, i doo I get ful fast. I mostly eat my candy bars up but, I still got my first one this month. I mean, I was deeper then this but, I see that, i am still sad. This sucks.

I still really do my work outs cus, I feel so, not in the mood.


i know it’s sad.

I am ashamed


We went out for bit cus, wife had to do get something done. After that, we went to panera bread. I got my bread bowl.

” I Loved It”

Wife and I shared some salad. it was nice.


We had to go to her doctor appointment and waited again in the waiting room. Our Daughter fell sleep on the couch. I never could understand how she can sleep like that, our oldest can do that too. I wont be able too stand the hot air from me breathing on my face.

Thats it……..


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