December 1st, – Thoughts


I am so sick of waking up feeling like this and dealing with people who don’t understand what, I am going though. It’s raining out and I know, my leg/foot will hurt way more later.

last night while, I was trying to sleep. My leg hurt like a MOTHER Bleeper. I mean like the pain would not let me get comfortable. I had to sleep with my compression sock. It helped but, I just don’t know.

I also did some workout this morning.



I am now drink my 2nd cup of coffee and I am so sick that, i need it coffee and naps to get though the day. I mean, this really sucks. I wish that, I can go back as I used to before, i got hit.

I was so much better then, i am now. This sucks.

Things Used To Be-

  • I was skinnier
  • I could walk more like (8 Miles)
  • Do more house work ( Without getting tired)

I am having a hard time writing and I hate this.


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