November 16th, 2015 (Day – 376)

On the 16th of November- 

I had to get up early cus, My therapist was coming over and it helping me. I know that, i have a whole a lot to deal with but, one day at a time. We went outside and she told about breathing workouts that, i do can do when, i get very anxious from walking to any where when, i go across a street.

I deal with flash back’s from being hit from anything is a car thats comes by me and I am scared that it was going to happen again. I hate that.

When I went with wife to her doctor. Had a wait and chilled at the doctors office. I just listened to music and did few things but, after we went for a nice walk. In the close neighborhood. It cost my leg to hurt from all the walking. Smh


After all that walking, I had to use the cane and Its sucks cus, I hate that, pain makes me use it.


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