November 13, 2015 (Day -373)- Orthopedist

On the 13 of November-  

Today, I did a lot. After the child went on the bus we went straight to Walgreen’s in Quarry Lake. That was like 2.3 miles to walk there.

I was so upset and so my wife that, they didn’t say nothing about them not taking our insurance. why can’t they ask us what we have and than tell us before hand we get there and say, “Sorry Ma’m we don’t take your insurance.”

We had to go somewhere else cus, they wouldn’t take it. We went to to rite aid and it was a long walk there cus, I was already tired and in pain from the walk to walgrean’s. At lest it was a beautiful day today and it was worth the walk there.



I had to go to the doctor’s to see what wrong with me. I was waiting at the bus stop but, not for long like 20 mins but, I hate standing for a long time. Its puts a lot of stress on my ankle.



I really like this doctor cus, he was way better than, My Old doctor (Dr.G Howard Bathon) and it made me feel safe cus, he listen’s to me. When i went there and He listened and looked at my foot, took like 9 X-rays. He said, I am doing good for the bones healing but, he found out what wrong with it.

He said, I am dealing with (PTTD – posterior tibial tendon dysfunction) He gave me a ankle/boot brace and it really helps. I felt on the way home but, my leg/foot hurt from earlier today.  You can see how my new foot brace looks like in the pic below.



Hope, you Enjoyed this post


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