November 7rd 2015 (Day – 368)

On the 7th of November- 

12:03Am- laying in bed just hurt from all the walking hoping that this sleep helps.

9:53Am- still woke up feeling but pain but better before I went to sleep. It’s cloudy and cold out and I know that this will make me feel pain in my bones. Sick of it. Took a bath. It helped with the pain little but added different pain from the heat of the water.

11:57Am- Lab-Corp) Went the the here cus, my daughter needed to get some testings and I was drinking a cup of coffee but, still tired. While, I was walking in. I saw that people looked at me weird like, I am legless. I had a nice little time with my son.

12:35Pm- Panera Bread) Well,  when i did get here. I didn’t feel good and Its always when, I do a lot of walking like today. I just need to sit down or wish, i could get some sleep but, I know I couldn’t go to sleep.

3:57Pm- After my wife went to her doctor’s.) We had to wait for my dad to come pick us up and it took a while but, it was fun cus, she chased each other even, i couldn’t run lol


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