October 30th 2015 (Day – 360)

On the 30th of October- 

Morning- I woke up not feeling to good cus, my ankle and foot felt tight. I always hated when, it happens and I took a nice long shower to warm up my leg so, it can feel way better and loosen up.

Evening- Jasmine came home early cus, she only had a 3 hour day at school. We all of us went to pizza blits and it was nice. That way like 2.4 miles just their. That was a work out for me and then I went to the leg bone doctor that up there to see, if i could go and I could but, I need to bring stuff their.

So, After that we went to starbucks and wife got me a Pumpkin Spice Frapp. I loved it but, I had to drink it on the way home. I wish i could more of it like every week or so. MMMMMMM.

On the way home, my foot hurt bad. I dont understand it at all. It shouldn’t be like this.




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