November 3rd 2015 (Day – 363)

On 3rd of November-  I had to go to the Dentist appointment. I had some work need to be done but, I had to go Hunt valley. It was nice walking there and I took some beautiful photo’s. I didn’t go with my cane and that was hell to do so. I didn’t know where it was. So, I went without it.

To walk to the light rail it was like a mile to walk there so, it took me like 26 mins to get there. My leg hurt little going all that already. I hate how my foot don’t go straight. SMH.

After the dentist, i went to wegmans to get something for my wife but, i was so much pain from the work they did and I didn’t know how it made my leg until, I started walking. I can’t wait to get better.

I took the bus when, i got off the light rail so, i don’t have to walk the mile home.

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2:38Pm- On the way to go to the dump so while waiting for my daughter to come home from school. I know is that my knee bends inward when I walk. I want to wish I could have somebody I could talk to to get on some understanding about it but I have to wait for the doctor. I also doing some knee pain when I walk. That’s another reason why walk with a cane to reduce the pain when I walk.
6:48Pm – I am heading home after going to the dentist and then went shopping a little bit Wegmans. All the tension from how much who worked on me my leg hurt because I put it all into the leg
7:50Pm- from all the walking I’m done today my ankle has been hurting a lot today and now mostly my knee little bit of my foot and I got big lip while I walk.


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