August 27th, 2015 (Day- 296)-PT

 1. On the 27th of August- I had another day at Physical Therapy. I be honest that I really didn’t like that visit cus, I truly didn’t do much workout. I needed it but, I can say that, the therapist I saw gave me some insight that, wished that, Dr. Bathon gave. He told me that, it could be my nerves in my feet and he did something to it and it did make it feel way better. He also told me and showed me what, I could do for my feet to feel better and I liked about him is that, he took his time with me.    

      Dr. Bathon never did that with me and he always was little rough on me. I never liked it. I tell him that something hurt and he would just hit it without me know or do something that will hurt like, forcing me to stand when, it hurt or too scary to do so. 


      I had to walk their and walk back. It was somewhat hot but, not like the 90%. I came home and I helped wife little with the moving more. She always like getting things done. I also made some meatballs and she cooked them. So, I mostly took a rest of the day. 


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