Augest 5th, 2015 (Day- 273 ) 9 Months

On the 5th of Augest-


For the past few days. My leg been really hurting me and I know why it’s me over using it. We just went to Rita’s and got some icy’s but now they are in the another store while I wait out side. I just saw a girl riding a bike and it makes me jealous and sad that I can’t. I only know what makes me happy is TV, video games, food. That’s all bad for me cus it makes me gain weight. I crave some fun or relaxing.   Right now, Starbucks is very close and it would be nice to have a friend to chill with over a Starbucks drink but, I don’t have any friends and no money for anything I want/need. I can’t get a job and it just makes me depressed. I am also hate going out cus I am the slow one. I hate feeling like a dead weight. It’s hard even to walk and I need to do things that make me happy but, I have no one too do it with.

11:21pm- feeling better. I had some rest.


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