July 28th, 2015 (Day-266)

On the 28th of July-  Today was like the rest. I am always in some way in some kind of pain. I mean, their no rest from the pain. I get so tired and stressed from it. I mean, like I had to clean up the room cus the wiffe wanted to move to the other side of the bedroom where, I was ssleeping and had my stuff at. I understand why she does cus, she gets very cold under the vent.

When, everthing is done, My hurt real bad. I was not in the mood to finish my breakfast cuss, i was sso tired and in pain. My foot swelled up the most it could but, it wasn’t like what it was like a big giant balloon. Today, my ankle and foot hurts. It like not on a broken/cracck spot but, it felt like the same pain but, it could be the pain from the crack in my foot.

Also, the pain in my ankle felt like again like a, tightened rusted gear that, wants to move but, can’t. Thats whaat it feel like when, i am walking and I had to change my PT appontment to Friday cus, of a reason. Anyway thats, aall i can write today.


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