July 22, 2015 (Day-260)

On 22nd of July- Well today has not been a good day to me I’ve been not in a good mood and that being really cranky. My life has been really hurting and I don’t know what to do I hope this new doctor that I’m going to today makes a difference.

Later-  I got back from the new doctor and I liked him. He didn’t do much but looked at it and I wish that, something was wrong with my foot or the doctor didn’t do something so, I could get a anwser so, I know what to do. He did give me more PT and He told me that my ankles bend inward. I dont know why. It really hurts when I stand or walk. I really want something to be done about it. I really like him and he was nice and caring. He did it fast but, he showed he listened to me. I did forget about my foot going crooked more to the left.


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