July 20th, 2015 (Day- 258)

On the 20th of July- I woke up today not feeling good. I think its the weather but not sure. my foot/ankle hurt like, swollen pain but, not the bone sharp pain. I wish, it go away and I can get better. I hope that this doctor can do something for my foot cus, it hurts and my old docctor didn’t do nothing for and said, it will heal on itss on but, i had a crack and still feel it and break or a crack on my toe. I just wish, i never went though this.

I have gained so mucch weight that, I hate the feeling of my own skin. I used to be happy taking selfies but, I just see a fat ugly thing and i know i shouldn’t feel or look at my self like this but, its hard when you can’t fit in most of your clouth that, you have. I can’t sstandd feeling like this. I can’t work out to loss it and i always want to eat something sweet for being depressed or bored. I just dont know and this is a downer post but, its the truth.


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