July 19th, 2015 (Day – 257)

On the 19th of July- Well, I can run better now and I am glad but, it hurts me like hours later down. I wish, i get be as I used too. Sometime, when i get out of bed. I forget about how my leg is and when, i place my foot down and start walking it’s all back. I also wish, i could not wake up cus, its so a pain in the butt to deal with this every single day and I feel alone about this. I need a good Doctor and a PT.

My leg always hurt just different times and mostly at night. Its mostly my foot by, my toe’s and my knee. Anyway, I went out with my dad and he took us ( Family ) out to eat at Cici’s Pizza and it was Ok but i still liked it. I forgot my cane in the and i had to limp the whole time and I knew it would make me hurt later.

It doesn’t hurt as bad as, I thought it would. I wish, i had more to say. not right now.


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