July 17th, 2015 (Day- 255)

On 17th of July – I know that, I haven’t writen in here for 7 days. I been busy but, mostly been lazy writing. I haven’t been in the mood for writing a post. I am sorry if anyone who reads my blog and if you do thanks.

I wish, I could write good things in here but, I can’t cus i will be lieing. I have been very lacking in my leg excerises and I been not feeling good for the past few days.

For some reason, my leg hurts and its mostly my foot. I believe cus, It has been not taken care of at all like it healed on its on and no anything to make it better and the Doctor that, i was seeing looked at my foot X-ray one time then made me take a another X-ray the next time, I saw him.

Really, I saw past X-rays it was broken or cracked in different spots and i don’t care that is healed but, it hurts and i can’t walk right anymore cus, when I stand or have my foot down. My Ankle sticks out from the inside like, it pushes out and it hurts everytime i step and also, i believe that, my knee hurts from it too cus, the rod being moved and in the wrong way.

He didn’t even, looked at it see, what could be wrong but, saying there nothing wrong. Thats all lie’s. He only glared at it and said im healed but, I want to know why, I am hurting.

He took away my PT and I need it. I can’t walk str8 anymore like, at times I be walking and i walk to more to my right. I still need help to get better and I feel all alone about all this. I mean, no one understand this cus, no one has been though this.

I felt all tired and exhausted and I believe its from the pain in my leg and foot. I been needed to take naps for the past few days and I haven’t been doing anything today and I needed to take a nap. Well, I say, I am done writing for today.


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