July 9th, 2015 (Day- 247)

On the 9th of July – I had to do a lot of work today. I had to go to GBMC Hospital cus, to pick up the X-rays from there but, at my Dr. office said, I had to pay $10 to get there’s.

Really, Wow. I am can’t get it cus, I only had money for the bus trip their and that, was $4 and it used to be $3.50. when, I got there, I just want to sit down and rest and maybe sleep. I didn’t.

It Took Me:

-40Min Walk

-Bus Ride (1)

-Subway ride

-Bus Ride (2)

-Bus Ride (3)

Thats, alot of work for me. I had so much knee pain and I think it’s using it too much. But, anyway on the way home. I took the almost the same way but, not the subway. I was sleeping on the bus and i hated it. I wanted to sleep but, i didnt want to cus, I keep slipping when I was falling sleep. Ouch Indeed.

I did look up the X-rays and wow, I saw that, I did have more breaks then, i thought, i did. I will show you, what i mean.



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