June 24th, 2015 (Day- 233)


Trip 4-

OK, I went to the pool with the family. When I got there, I saw a lot of kids running around. I was so not up for it. The truth is, kids don’t think about other people only if they are brought up that way. Its not happening to kids these days. I tell my kids Manner’s like, please and thank you also like, holding door’s, wait for other people before walking into a building. Kids these days, are more rude then, anything else. Their parents are not raising them up right and that’s, why we have rude people and not caring about other’s.

Sorry, I know this post is not about that but, my recover of my leg. I am very sorry about that.

Anyway, I will be honest that I have been slacking in my work outs and Thats why, I need my PT. They get me to my work outs or get me to want too. I feel alone facing all this even, my wife and family here but, they don’t understand nothing what, I am going though cus, they never been though this.

While at the pool. I swim little bit. But, the kids and I didn’t feel safe. I did little work outs here and there during the day.

While, I was laying on the couch. I put the ball under my leg’s and did the ball and leg’s work out but, not really the once that, i could be doing. I am going to get up a leg work out list and do it and try to remember it from going to PT.

Well, Thats all for right now.


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