May 31, 2015 (Day- 208)

On the 31 of May- I don’t have much today. I did some exercises today with my new ankle board. I could do so many at the exercises with it. Because I don’t have physical therapy I need to do these things at home. My orthopedist says I don’t need it but I don’t believe him because not only the bone that’s affected with the break. And I only get support there where Ashley can do the exercises I need to do to get better. I wish I could go there three times a week.  

   While I was out today with the family we went to Panera bread and getting out of the chair and get past my wife is sitting is very hard for me to do and when I start walking it is very hard for me to stop like two months ago when I was leaving the kitchen to go to the bedroom I almost hit someone while walking. I really don’t have the good muscles to stop myself from walking when I go fast, for me.



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