May 13th, 2015 (Day- 190)

On the 13th of May- I got up early cus, the wife wanted me too. I did and she made me something to eat before I got out of bed other the just use the bathroom. I was no not in the wake up mood. I mostly watched tv and I went to the office to get a cup of coffee. I ran out of creamer. I also spent little time on the computer before I had to go to my physical therapy. I was in the mood to go but not the walking. It mostly took me 45 mins.  I miss when I could walk like I used too.            

     When I got there, I was little late and they put me str8 into that will help me feel better. Then we did some excerise that really was hard and did a new one too. Is where I like walking down stairs. That was hard and it hurt bad. Then he had to go help someone else and one of the lady’s that came and did the foot lifts. I am happy that I am doing better. I can lift 6 1/2 pounds. Anyways , that’s is mostly what I did there. 

    I walked home and it took long then getting there. I hate walking for a long time and I get so hungry and I eat more then I should. I did stop at the office again for another coffee cus, I need the engrey. I watched little tv and then did the dishes and I was so not in the mood to do them. I did them anyway. I hate feeling lazy.  Most of the night I was on the computer. About to take a bath too feel better. Also, I hate that I gained weight. I was 196 lbs and now I’m 222 lbs. I need to change that. 



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