May 1,2015 (Day- 178)

4:00)- just relaxing at apartment office and drinking a cup or coffee. Trying to do some writing like belong post. I have two accounts on wattpad for my writing. 

  i did a lot  of walking today. My legs didn’t feel good. I walked to giant food and it like 5.0 mile, walking their and back was a lot of work. Some reason when I walk at times, I can still feel the break in my leg and more I walk the sharper the pain feels. My legs feel weak from not walking much. It’s the pain the butt. 

  I walked after shopping to m&t bank. She needed to so something their and i waited there. 

 I feel little better but my leg still hurts and i hate it. I am so slow in walking and i don’t know why. 

6:39Pm)- got home and did some more walking. Went to very close by pizza place. I so need to relax and raise my foot up. I hate this and just doing things that is normal normal every day things. Pisses me off. I took a few photos. 




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