(April 28, 2015) Day- 175

-5:51Pm) I used to be like this until I got hit and felt with the broken leg/foot. The worst part is the two weeks before getting the rod. Having a temporary cast hurts. I remember waking up in Extreme pain and didn’t know why. The bottom of my foot hurt like hell. I couldn’t move it at all with out feeling very Extreme pain from moving it only a itch. I feel like crying just writing this and i hate the flashbacks. I used to cry and couldn’t stop from pain from my leg and the flashbacks. I haven’t felt nothing with this how it made me feel but just pushing under like everything else. I know it needs to come out. I get so paranoid from walking across the street like I did when I got hit straight on from the SUV. Remembering being on the hood then like thrown on to the ground. Then I had to pull my leg from under my butt and that the first time feeling the pain in my leg. Then she asked me if I’m ok like 4 times. She had her phone in her hand and someone else called 911. I was all felt like I was in the way and needed to get out of the way. I dragged my self for few feet and my leg hurt and I was panicking from where I was in the road. I saw a guy in a car straight behind me and said I’m sorry with my mouth and body. Then I had a a lot of people standing around me. Looking at me and I think some had their phones out. I wasn’t really thinking of them then, the pain came more and more. The car was like 3 or 5 feet away from me. The women who hit me was in the phone. I saw my phone was broken and across the street. I panic more and I wanted my wife and I didn’t think about it.

( I don’t remember much after that. Just little bit here and there)


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