(April 13, 2015) Day- 160

-11:28Am) been shopping for like an hour and my legs hurt very badly. I hate this. When can I walk with out hurting.

-10:47Pm) Well, I did a lot today to me. I if was mostly when I went shopping. I was like 3 hour shopping and had 3 carts of food. I see now why my legs were hurting. 
-11:06) I have broke my leg and foot. I gotten a rod in my tibia. I haven’t been to my PT. like a month cus I didn’t have anymore time and I needed to see my doctor and I had to call out cus, didn’t have the money for the bus and I truly know, I am not ready for all the walking yet. I need to go to my PT and have been slacking on my exercises. I am ashamed of it. Sights. 

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