(March 30, 2015) Day- 146

-8:05 Am I woke up today by the wife. My foot hurt like hell and I just got up and took a shower and try hot water will help me feel better and it did for a while.

-11:25 Am just or back walking from Giant so, I can get some ice cream. Wife had money and she was sweet to get me some of one of my favorite ice cream. Jc’s pie pops ice cream. I just had two of them. Yummy and Mint Chocolate and Crumb Apple. Yummy.

-5:00 Pm) I had to take a nap cus I was so tired and I didn’t know how tired till, I woke up 4 hours later. Went to get coffee from the office and it was nice.

-8:45 pm) I have just got back from getting my free ice coffee from dunkin donuts. Family went with me and it made me feel good they came. I took some photos on the way and it was beautiful out. I did enjoy this Ice Coffee this time cus, I put 4 splenda in so, it can taste way better. I wish, i could have stayed their for a while, but couldn’t it was getting dark and cold so, we headed out.



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