(March 29, 2015) Day- 145

-2:30 Am

I know that, I haven’t written in here for like 5 days and I should keep track of everything, I am going though even, its few words but, I been like not in the mood to write / depressed cus, This broken leg/foot, Its getting me down and I truly don’t have anyone who understand what, i am going though or willing to listen but, I have is people who is sick and tired of me talking about it.

I wish, i could do so much more then, I am able to do. Its really holding me back and setting me down in a depressed mood. I can jog/little run but it hurts a lot in the end. I am mostly on this PC or TV, xbox360, cell phone. I miss going out when its nice but, my leg makes so hard and I go out when I have too. I am always eating and so many snacks and I shouldn’t be eating this much. 

-8:00 Am

Waking up i never feeling good to me. I hate waking up,My foot/leg still hurts.
I have one to that fully understands what, it feel like having broken leg/foot. I mean, it’s something that’s on my mind and can’t get rid of.
Just to enjoy a nice walk in the warm sunny air is a workout for me.
Just walking like a 0.5 mile makes me a sweat.
I so hate it right now.Sad that the only truly sun I get is though this window. I can go out walk in the sun by all alone means nothing.  


-7:05 Pm  I am so tired of my life right now. 


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