(March 14, 2015) Day- 130

I did a lot today. I spent time with my dad and son. We to chipolata and they, had couple dog up front and the kids loved it. My baby-girl is always loved pets and Its a good thing.

I stopped at At&t to see about the phone but, wasn’t going to get one cus, I have t mobile. I had to give up my Lg G3 phone cus, I hate when my phone dies too fast. Like, I have a phone that last not die on me when, I need it. Its not as bad as the HTC One. That died only for 4 Hours use.

Daad likes walking around when, we go out and I missing doing it too. My Broken leg sucks. To me it’s still broken even, its healing. I still can’t do things like, I want too.  We had to do our monthly shopping today and we did do it but, it took few trips. My dad took us the first time.

We had to wait for someone to come and buy my Broken HTC One that, got broken when, I got hit. He did came and we went to Mc d’s and it took a while but, got their like 30 mins and it was only like 0.5 mile. I feel bad about it.

I ate way more then,  I should. I feel so ashamed of my self. I ate a Big Mac large fries and a sweet tea. I also had a  frappe caramel not, just one but two. My wife couldn’t finish her so, I didn’t want to waste money so, I drank her’s too. I feel so bad. Grrrrrrrr

We went back to Giant Foods so, we could get more stuff and got what we needed. I carried two bag while, the other were carried by the rest of the family.

  It took like 40 mins to get back home and it sucks. it felt like it. I just had to change into something better and then take a shower. It sucked and Im glad, I am better now. Another day of my boring life.


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