(March 4, 2015) Day- 120 ( 4 Months)

I’m still up and can’t sleep or awake and tired. I am so tired of my leg hurting and people don’t want me to talk about or express what I’m feeling even its over and over. I took my compress sock off and its going to hurt so, I could sleep . I still need to sleep a pillow under my foot.



I did a lot of walking today. I did like 2 miles and it was too much for me to do. I went to my daughter dentist appointment. Walking to the dentist appointment. even, walking down hill was too much for me. I was so tired while waiting for her. I even, fell sleep. I did get some sleep. Maybe like, 5 mins but, that it. I had to stay awake cus, the wife had to do few things and I stayed their but she came back before she was out.  We went to DDNuts and had a time. I got a ice cream. It was nice. I needed to get out.



I went to my physical therapy around 6pm. I did some work but it was new and I wish I could do it at home. It would be sweet to do it so, I can get my foot stronger again.I couldn’t even walk less then a mile and I hate it. My knee been hurting since the walk.so, I hope it feel better soon.



Where the arrows are pointing is where the pain I feel.this sucks.




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