(Feb. 27 2015) Day 115


I really hate waking up feeling like this.

I didn’t get much sleep, I went to sleep around 4am got up at 8:30am. I hate my whole leg and knee really hurting Its so stops my sleep. With my whole knee thing, It itches in the bone. I can’t scratch it. AHHHHHH.

I need to wear a compression sock like, all time so, it feels better. I hate that, this broken foot really stopping me from doing this in my life. I need to give my foot a rest. Its just pain the in butt. I will write more later.



I did a lot of walking today.

Walked like, more then a mile cus, i can feel it in my body, I truly dont want to walk. I had to walk down 3 sets of stairs and walk to the main office of our apartment. Walking to the office and back was a lot of work and then I when back up the 3 sets of stairs. I had like 20mins or so to get my daughter from the bus. 

She so sweet, she blew me a kiss when she saw me from the the window when the bus pulling up and gave me one when she got out. Then went back up the stairs again.

Now that’s would be 6×4=24 sets of stairs but, I wasn’t done. We ate before we left to go somewhere. Anyway, walking up the stairs hurt. 


We went to Wal-mart by the area I got hit.Wife had few things to do their and I went for the ride. Got home and that’s would be the last time of the night going up the stairs. Now that would make it, 6×6=36. I did 36 sets of stairs and when I got to the top. I truly didn’t want to walk no more. That hurt, my knee hurt really bad and I couldn’t stand it and I needed meds and sit down for a while. 


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