(Feb. 19, 2015) Day- 106

I went to my orthopedist to see a check in. It went well. It’s mostly healed and I’m glad and while, I was their. He looked at my foot x-ray and did see it was broken. It was way more broken then I thought.
It was on the middle of the foot and not by the toes. I can feel it where its broken and that’s what’s making me harder to walk. I can’t wait for it to fully heal and I also hope that, I can loss my fat that, I’m gaining from not walking and always eating. I am mostly craving sweet like candy bars or protein. It was nice to get out for a while. A nice guy from my doctors where I used to go to help with my foot to heal took me their. I’m thankful that he took me. Here is a x-ray of my photo of my bone from today till getting the rod.



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