(Feb. 7, 2015) Day-95

I went to to my physical therapy.

Wife and the kids came with me and it was nice.

Dad had to go someone where else.

He always leaves and does something.

It would be nice if he spent time with me doing things with me then, leave.

I am do like our one and one time when i do get it.

I will post photos at the end of the post and they are by, my wonderful wife

Since, I went to McDonald’s.

My foot and ankle been really hurting.

I need to go back to wheel chair and crutches for a while till, I get better.

We Went to chick-fil-a in owings mills and it was busy.

O glad their was a place for use to sit.

I foot started to hurt with the little move mostly from side to side.

After that, We went to Sam’s Club by where, I got hit at.

I hate going by their and just remembering what happened by,

go by the area that, I was hit at.

I had to walk in and that took like 10 mins while my foot really hurt.

It felt like I broke my bone again by, the walk.

I took a cart to help but, it didn’t help at all cus, i want pushing weight on my left leg.

Got few things while their saw, a lot things I wish i could get.

So, After that went to Home Depot

They did have a scooter that, I could right in but, by then

From, walking at sam’s club really hurt my foot.

Got few things their and looked at the plants.

I crave to buy a lot plants but, I can’t.

(Feeling Sad)

Just went on the way home.

I remembered that, I left my glasses their and they were taken.

Why would someone take someone Glasses

Home it was after their. I am glad. and took some rest.

I can’t wait for it to really heal back like, it used too so, I can walk.

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