(Feb. 4th, 2015) Day- 92

Its only 20 mins until, it’s midnight and a new day. I having so much pain in my foot that I just with I could cut off my foot and be done with it. I hate every time I take a step. My whole foot and ankle hurt and I don’t want to really move.. I have been in bed rest and going to the kitchen or bathroom even its 5 feet it’s in great pain. I really think something. Really wrong with my foot. I know why my ankle cus the main brake when the dumb ass lady hit me and I believe she wasn’t even looking. I was almost in the half way in the street when she it me. That bitch. I am tired of feeling my foot being swollen or ugly dark looking. I am always need to take pain pills. I am getting lazy cus, taking a shower is pain in the ass. I am only taking baths and I did shower here and their but it’s hard. I forgot the last time I took a bath. Let me check on my app.

It was 2 days ago and I need it but I so not in the work to do it. I need my wheel chair or someone to help me out cus I am not strong to stand and get my self out while not to slip. I hate my self right now cus, I am always in need for someone to take care of me or do something. I would get though this with out my wonderful wife.
She has done so much that I made me grow closer to her. She had to wash me when I couldn’t and get me out then dress me when it was just start of my journey of this hard ship. I wish I could do something that would take her breath away to show her that I love her. If I need to write more, it will be on a new day when it’s only 10 mins let till, it’s tomorrow.


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